More than fifty years ago, the need and enthusiasm for creating household appliances that would make life at home easier led Fernando Moreno to develop, with very little resources, our popular electric brazier. It was in 1966, when FM Heating was borned with great enthusiasm and long days of hard work. Over the years and without losing sight of family beginnings, at FM we have evolved, providing modern designs and improving the performance of our models. Thanks to this, we enjoy the recognition of millions of users in more than 45 countries, as well as professionals in the sector.

Nowadays, thanks to an outstanding workforce, more than 30.000m2 of modern facilities and cutting-edge technology, we have at your disposal three business divisions:

Heating (radiators, electric and gas stoves, braziers, heaters, etc.), fans and small household appliances

Leaders in manufacturing industrial and commercial ovens for the Horeca and Bakery, sector, and related products such as Provers, Pizza ovens, Regenerators…

FM Group also manufactures pellet stoves, chimneys, fireplaces, etc., for biomass fuel in order to meet new market trends and needs.

FM Group would like also to thank our partners, dealers, customers, suppliers… and everybody who has helped us during our long way since FM group was established in 1.966 and we also hope to renew the excitement for the upcoming years.

Thank you really much